Come and spend time with me and learn how and why you should invest in the USA property market. There are Seven Steps you should go through before YOU are ready to invest in this market. I want to teach those Seven Steps, and here is the reason why….


….I was sitting back thinking yesterday, pondering as I do, about investing again in an Australian property. The thing is you need a 20% deposit for the banks to be happy and for you not to get charged LMI, Lenders Mortgage Insurance.

The average investment property rental I was looking at was $550,000 which brings in approx. $550 per week gross rent which is $2,380 per month. This house needed some updates also. I would have to invest approximately $20,000 to make it right.

My 20% deposit equals $110,000 plus $20,000 for the updates, add in stamp duty required which is $20,000 and fees required $10,000 I would be up for a total of $160,000 and I would be holding a mortgage to the bank for $440,000.

My $160,000 deposit + costs above, invested in the USA would buy me 4 houses with the updates completed totaling a gross rent of $2,815 per month. I would hold NO mortgage to a bank with NO monthly repayments.

I thought to myself, that it might be easier to put in a webinar and present all this great information along with interviews with team members. It is full of education and knowledge that you will receive along with many practical examples we will work on also.

I am proud to say the clients who have followed my guidance have been getting great results and great resolve towards ever-increasing levels of success and happiness in their lives. You should expect the same.

Through weekly coaching sessions lasting for one hour each in total, clients identify what is most important to them and align their thoughts, words, actions, accordingly. I work with clients to identify what they want personally and professionally, and to support them in achieving a life that they really want and love through an investment vehicle, USA Real Estate. I will:


Encourage YOU to set goals that YOU truly want


Ask YOU to do more than YOU may have done on YOUR own


Help YOU focus in order to produce more results quickly


Provide YOU with the tools, support, and structure to accomplish more

Just as I write this I have an offer in on a house for $18,500, it requires approximately $20,000 in renovation work and once it is finished it will rent for $700 per month and will be worth at least $50,000. You can do this too!

My success and YOUR success will be a direct result of implementing these 7 simple steps on a weekly basis:



Where are you now?



What are your wealth options?



Where do you want to be?



Managing your finances



Train your mind



Building and leading your team



Develop a plan

Register your expression of interest in the Webinar Booking Form and I will phone you to give you the schedule dates and a more detailed program.

The webinar training will also give you access to my TOOLBOX, which includes:


Access to hundreds of properties priced between $35,000 and $45,000


Access to my team members, who I have had since 2008 and they then become your team members

  • Property Acquisitions Manager
  • Realtor
  • Property Management Team
  • Contractors
  • USA Attorney
  • USA Accountant
  • USA Bankers
  • Insurance Broker
  • Currency and economic advice

How to set up the correct structures to hold and protect your real estate


The properties you should stay away from and which ones you should buy fast


Ensuring the correct steps are in place to ensure your property is managed properly


Protecting your USA real estate with the right insurance


Understanding the foreclosure market and how to take advantage of it


How to get a guaranteed return secured by the government

With my training, guidance and assistance you can do all of this right and make sure that all these pieces work. With my guidance you will have the education and more importantly the team to create multiple streams of income that will provide you and your family with cash flow for the rest of your life.

We have made it easy and possible for you to become a USA Real Estate Investor

Just register your expression of interest in the Webinar Booking Form and I will phone you to give you the schedule dates, price and a more detailed program.